We take your good times seriously!

Come for fun. Make cool stuff like you did as a kid.

Fun and cool happen every day at Hotplate Pottery and Art Studio.

Pottery to paint, glass to fuse, inspiration to go. You don’t need experience or artistic skill to have fun and create art. Really!

Pick Your Pottery


The only hard part: deciding which of our several hundred shapes you want to paint! Priced from $7.50 to $75.00, with no additional charges (well, except for that pesky 6% sales tax).

Paint Away


We have samples, books, stamps, stencils, and free Wi-Fi for online ideas. Feeling stuck? There’s always an artist on duty to assist and cheer you on! All colors are clay-based, non-toxic and will not stain.

Let Hotplate add the final touch


Your masterpiece will be glazed, fired and ready to go in just a few days.

Creating fused glass is as easy as playing with glitter and glue!


Choose your base

Prices range from $20 to $50, including all the glass and firings you’ll need to complete your plate, bowl, nightlight, candle-holder, picture frame or beaded bracelet.

Layer your design

Use pre-cut shapes or learn to nip, score and break your own! Tons of colorful glass to choose from.

Into the magic kiln it goes

Bowls, plates and votive candle-holders require an extra firing to mold them to their final shape.